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  • Funding of a scholarship for a woman from India to study in Pont Aven, France.


  • Funding of a full scholarship for a student from Mozambique to study in the United States.


  • Funding of an ongoing scholarship for young women in need to study art history at the College of Wooster, Ohio.


  • Organisation and sponsorship of numerous cultural events in the United States, Hong Kong and Singapore that encourage intercultural dialogue, including the launch for Ismail Merchant’s book My Passage from India, A Filmmaker’s Journey from Bombay to Hollywood; the launch of the film First Pitch: The US, Manipur Baseball Project; the launch for Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz’s book The Three Trillion Dollar War;  a book signing for art historian Partha Mitter’s The Triumph of Modernism; a book signing for Indian author Neel Chowdhury’s novel The Inheritors; a screening of the documentary The Poetics of Color, focusing on an Indian artist; and Iranian artist Zahra Partovi’s art film Noise.

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